Future Programmers Meet Industry Professionals

As part of the Innovation Center’s efforts, implemented with the support of the Bursa Provincial National Education Directorate and BEBKA, the Inogenç project allows children to directly learn about popular current and future professions from industry professionals. The latest stop on this project’s journey was the NaN Clouds company, which conducts software work on an international scale.

The program, which took place for 2 days with the active participation of students from various schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, featured Arzu Urgan, the Innovation Center Entrepreneurship Teacher and Inogenç project coordinator of the Bursa Provincial National Education Directorate’s R&D Unit. She stated, “Through the Inogenç project, when we connect our students with industry professionals, we actually enable them to receive direct mentorship focused on their strengths.”

“Our Students Have a High Interest in Software”

Arzu Urgan, the project manager who spoke at the vision event held at NaN Clouds with the participants of the Inogenç project, stated that they aimed to directly benefit students in identifying their strengths and interests in the Inogenç project, and emphasized the importance of industry professionals.

Urgan, who stated that the program where the Inogenç project students met with the NaN Clouds team, which provides software and programming services on an international scale, was eagerly awaited by the students, said, “Technological developments continue at full speed today, and the software industry has become one of the most important parts of these developments. Therefore, it is extremely important for young people to prioritize the software industry and develop their careers in this field. I would like to thank Mr. Mehmet İnan and Ayşe Koçum İnan, the founders of NaN Clouds, who opened their doors to us during our visit to NaN Clouds, where we once again saw the interest of our students in the software field, and the NaN Clouds team who provided valuable information to us at the sectoral level.”

“We Stand by All Young People Interested in Software Development”

Ayşe Koçum İnan, co-founder of NaN Clouds, expressed that they have opened their doors to many young people who are enthusiastic about software development through their Inogenç project. “Hosting young people who are interested in our sector at our workplace made us very happy. My husband Mehmet İnan and I shared the process we went through when we returned from Belgium to our country and how we reached the point of doing international business as a software company with dear students. Additionally, we showcased the work done by our team through activities for two days. As NaN Clouds, we will provide all the support we can to ensure that software development, which is rapidly advancing worldwide, can receive the value and attention it deserves in our country.” she said.

“Young people who make software their area of interest will be successful”

Mehmet İnan, Co-Founder of the company, who expressed his views on the NaN Clouds visit of the Inogenç Project, emphasized the importance of the project and said, “In my opinion, this is a very nice project for young children to see how professionals working in the software field work and what they pay attention to in their own environment. I am very happy that we were able to provide support for our students who are interested in our field with this project. The good use of the internet by young people and their good research skills will enable them to be successful in a short time if they make software their area of interest starting from this age. I would like to thank the Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education for the Inogenç project, which I think directly supports young people in finding their professional direction. As NaN Clouds, we attach importance to our work being learned by our young people.”

Software is Not Just One Industry

Continuing with a discussion on the nature of programming, Inan stated, “The software industry not only helps you develop technical skills, but also brings out your creativity. All you need to work in this field is a computer and an internet connection, which makes your work more flexible in terms of where and when you can do it. Additionally, working in the software industry offers the opportunity to constantly learn about new technologies and developments. Therefore, young people showing interest in the software industry can offer themselves much better opportunities in the future.”

During the Inogenç Project field visit, which lasted for two days and included various topics related to software and programming, professionals gave talks and activities. Many students and project officials also attended the event at NaN Clouds firm.